JSCC Race Weekend at Pembrey - My First Top 10 Finish!!!

I had never been to Wales - never mind racing there... I absolutely love the track at Pembrey! It is not as polished as Silverstone or Brands, but it is so much fun. It was such an exciting weekend and for the first time racing cars I managed to break into the Top 10.

It was in the third race that I really went for it and managed to come 8th. Unfortunately there was a problem with the camera, so I do not have any in car footage of that race.

I have put together a compilation of the BARC coverage of the weekend - tell me what you think:

High Jinx before the third race even started - Daire unfortunately had car troubles and had to pull out after gridding up. As a result we had a second green flag lap. Then we had a red after an incident, so we had to grid up again after a very long wait until the two drivers and cars were recovered and the track was safe again. Thankfully both drivers were fine. So after all was cleared we had another green flag lap and then we started again with 10 minutes on the clock. Restart we had a non starter, so we had another red flag. The clock reset to 10 minutes and yes, another green flag lap. Being able to move up places and some (in my opinion) lovely overtakes, I managed to finish 8th, which makes it my first top 10 finish!!! 

You can see the full BARC coverage of the third race at:

The second race was great fun. I had two minor incidents and if you don't count slightly dinged headlights, I had my first full-on damage loosing my front bumper. The result wasn't brilliant only coming 19th, but I got knocked back to last but one twice and kept fighting back. Despite the finishing position, I really enjoyed that race and even on the last lap I just managed to get one more position and therefore championship point. 

Here is my footage of the second race:

and also the BARC coverage:

To round the Sunday off, here my Insta reel

Saturday started with a payed practice session

followed by the quali

and of course the first race. This was my fifth race in a row finishing in the teens. Definitely more fun than being at the back.

So here is my footage

and of course the BARC coverage.

Again, rounding Saturday off with the Inst reel

Friday testing was also brilliant with 6 sessions:

Test 1

Test 2

Test 3

Test 4

Test 5

Test 6

And to finish off, here the Insta reel from the Friday