The Finale

What a weekend! Final race of the Junior Saloon Car Championship with Chandler motorsport (full race report to follow). The best experience ever! Thank you soo much to everyone at Chandler Motorsport - Eddie Endo Chandler, Lee Xmummyx Chandler, Raymond Madden, Freddie, Katelyn Chandler, Steven Chandler, Rachel Ward and Stuart Chapman Hill - the best team on the paddock! Also thanks to my driving coaches Mike Epps and Harry Yardley-Rose #19. CJ Morgan and Craig Morgan as my team mates equally were amazing and super helpful. Also thanks to my fitness coaches Morag Sewell, Charlie Penn and Claire Michelle Thompson. And of course thank you to the whole paddock - I never thought that a paddock could be such a friendly and supportive place.

It was also great finally meeting Lawrance form Munihire LCL. Thank you for all your support!

Finishing 20th out of 34 in the overall championship is beyond what I was hoping for and after a season with next to no damage, this session was a little different! But I still drove it home to get the points 😀

After running at about the 30th in the competition for most of the year, I managed to climb up to finishing 20th overall.
Let's see what next year brings...