JSCC Scholarship and Pre-Season Testing Weekend at Pembrey Circuit

Last weekend was a bit of a walk down memory lane, as it was JSCC Scholarship Day on Saturday. Last year I was trying out for this. Thanks to my parents, and a few supporters, I was able to race for most of last season despite not being the winner of the scholarship. Instead my mate Jack James won it. Fair do's, he is a great racer. 

This time round, Jack and I were not trying for the scholarship, but we were on the other side of the fence together with Charlie Constable and previous JSCC racers Harry Rice, Steven Chandler and Charlotte Birch. Jack and I were running the fitness assessment, just like Harry did for us last year. Even my dad chipped in as a team leader for a team of participants. 

Congratulations to Will Fallon for winning the scholarship! I think the performance level throughout the participants was amazing and I am looking forward to racing this season with quite e few of them. Particularly James and Jazmine, who are not fully Team Chandler Motorsport, but certainly very close.

Sunday was the pre-season testing day with lots of footage. Especially some shots to show off my new #TeamDT #DemonTweeksMotorsport branding as part of their sponsorship!

First of all thank you to the team as always, but especially Steven for going out on track with me to help find those crucial extra tenths.

Also, thank you Olli for lending me your PoV Insta360 GO2. Here is the PoV footage:

Of course there is also an Instagram reel:

And the usual footage:

1st session with GPS telemetry (unfortunately this is the only session with telemetry)...

...2nd session...

...3rd session...

...4th session...

...and finally the 5th session.