Season Opener for the 2023 Junior Saloon Car Championship at Cadwell Park

Finally we are back racing in the real world. Don't get me wrong, I loved the JSCC eSeries and I can't wait to do more of it, BUT it feels great to back on track!

Before I start on the race report, here is the Instagram reel...

Last year my fastest time at Cadwell Park was 1:54.003 so when I qualified 11th for the first race and 14th for the second race with a best time of  1:50.354 I was quite happy about the improvement, even though I didn't get into the top 10.

On the first race I really messed up the start dropping to 16th, but fought back to finish 12th. Still a place down and not in the top 10, but the best recovery I could manage. I even managed my best time of the weekend with a 1:49.076.

The second race didn't go any better from a start point of view. Again, I fought back to finish 15th. Last year I would have been ecstatic about these two finishes, but for this year I want to aim higher.

So all in all, I was a good weekend, but not a great one. Clearly I need to work on my starts...

Unfortunately I will not be able to do testing on the Friday before Pembrey, as I have  my GCSE Maths exam that day, but it looks like there might be an extra testing session Saturday morning. We'll see.

Overall in the championship I am now in 13th position. A big step up from finishing 20th last year. So now the work starts on getting into the top 10 while balancing my GCSE exams.