360 Degree Videos from the BIKC Local Final in Reading

So here are the 360 videos form the BIKC Local Final at TeamSport Reading...

While waiting for the start, we were asked if we wanted an additional practice session at a reduced price. Clearly I couldn't resist. There were a couple of non BIKC competitors on track as well, which made it even more interesting.

After the pre-practice, the official British Indoor Karting Championship Local Final was underway with the official Practice.

Quali time for the 2023 BIKC. It was a very competitive field with great drivers all round. I qualified 5th.

And last not least, the race. As far as racing goes it was not the most exiting ever as there were absolutely no position changes. But it is just a sign of how evenly matched the whole field was. As I qualified 5th I finished fifth and with that I am through to the reginoal final at TeamSport Leicester in October...