Spotlight - the Halow Project Magazine Featuring the Damon Hill Festival of Karting

You might remember, back in June I joined team "Apex Predators" to participate in the Damon Hill Festival of Karting in support of the halow project...

Supporting Damon Hill's The Halow Project and Winning the Race

I loved the day. Supporting the halow project was an honor and my mind was blown when meeting Damon, Johnny and Perry. Ok, our team finishing first as fun too.

So this week the halow project published their regular "Spotlight" magazine and guess what? Yep, we are featured in it. Ok, so I am not actually named, but I am inin the podium picutre as well as in the track one.

Again, I think that the work the halow project is doing is amazing and I will continue to promote their work whenever I can. You can read the full Spotlight magazine with all the updates on the great work they are doing on the link below:

Hopefully I can share more news on the halow project soon...