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The videos for yesterday's Sodi Inkart Championship at Daytona Sandown Park round 3 session

Quick update on the Sodi Inkart Championship round 3 session today

Sodi Practice at Daytona Sandown Park

The videos are in for "Not 50 laps, but 3 wins and 3 PBs @ TeamSport Farnborough"

Not 50 laps, but 3 wins and 3 PBs @ TeamSport Farnborough

360 Video of Wednesday's TeamSport Reading 50 Lap Race

Meeting Carl Pearce at TeamSport Reading

My second 50 Laps race in new Karts, the TRX Gang, Personal Best and meeting Carl Pearce (and a silly T-Shirt...)

Video from the D40 at Daytona Sandown Park 2021-06-06

Daytona Sandown Park D40 2021-06-06

Driver61 Sim Racing

Open Race Session at TeamSport Reading 2021-05-31